Automobilia 2

More fascinating automobilia for your pleasure!

Sam Cork just finished restoring this beautiful Bennet, model 756, gas pump! Circa early to middle 1940's, this was used in the northeastern part of British Columbia and was found in a caved in building, along with many other oil related items. This took about 40 hrs to restore, remove all old paint, clean parts, paint and reassemble, add globe and lites.
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This rare double sided porcelain on steel Power-lube Motor Oil
sign was found in a pile of trash! Circa 1920's, it's quite large
and in very good condition...
Interested in Power-lube/Powerine automobilia?
Look at Scott's collection...

This AC Spark Plug Tool Kit is mounted on a red wooden board
which measures 13" X 4".
The individual pieces are marked AC USA.
Unfortunately, it's missing an extension and ?
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Here is a nice collection of 1941 manuals and a
Calrod Engine Heater.
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This very rare Skelly Keotane gas pump globe
is in near mint condition, even though it was actually used
on a gas pump in the 1950s!
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New Old Stock parts really 'spin my top'!
This NOS trunk handle was recently purchased by
Fernando Gomez for his beautiful 1941 Chevrolet.

If your 1941 Chevrolet is overheating in the Summer heat, you need to
clean and reverse flush your radiator and block!
This vintage flushing gun uses air pressure to force water
through the system to blow out the rust and scale.
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