Automobilia 3

Another page of automobilia for your pleasure!

Matthew restores and collects vintage car radios.
Check out this very rare 1941 Genuine Chevrolet 9 tube shortwave radio!
Included is the description from a Chevrolet Accessories for 1941 booklet.
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Here is an AC Spark Plug cleaner. It cleans the plug by sandblasting it using a fine media stored inside the unit. Push the top handle down and compressed air and media blasts the plug electrode clean!
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All you 1941 Chevrolet owners know how difficult some original
accessories are to locate!
The flying lady hood ornament, cat's eye cigarette lighter,
the 9 tube shortwave radio (see above) and, of course,
Guide Fog Lamps. This restored set is in mint condition!

When your 1941 Chevrolet was new, it came with a tool kit!
Most of the kits were lost over the years and the individual tools
were scattered around in tool boxes, etc.
This original set resides in the trunk of 'Big Red',
my 1941 Chevrolet Special DeLuxe.
Want to know more about vintage Chevrolet tool kits?
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