Featured Classics 2

This second page showcases more of the many wonderful classic car photos that have been sent to me by vintage auto enthusiasts from around the world.
I hope you enjoy looking at these beautiful cars
as much as I do!

Rob Tucker is the proud owner of this beautiful 1941 Special DeLuxe. He inherited it from his Father-in-law, and this classic Chevrolet is all original!
It includes a rare 5 band shortwave, heater/defroster unit, correct floor mats, emergency brake whistle, spot light, original fog lights, flying lady hood ornament, wheel beauty rings, back up light, fold down trunk guard, and more! WOW!
You can e-mail Rob at:
[email protected]

Bob found this nice 1941 Chevrolet Business Coupe in the St. Louis area in July of 2000. The car has 45,000 original miles and everything has been gone through except the engine, which still runs well.
Check out the rare shortwave radio in the dash!

This is a 1946 Chevrolet Fleetmaster.
In exceptional condition, Ray says it reminds him of his Grandparent's 1946 Chevy, which sat rusting away behind the barn in the berry bushes.

Here is a great black & white photo of Ray's Grandparent's 1946 Chevrolet!

Mark just found and bought this beautiful '41 two door coupe!
It is equipped with fog lights, flying lady hood ornament, radio and more and only has 37,550 original miles.
This is a gorgeous 1941 Chevrolet!

Another beautiful 1941 Chevrolet!
This 4 door Special DeLuxe was recently purchased by Jim Fredricks and he is in the process of restoring it.
 The color is Constitution Blue.
This wonderful car is equipped with almost too many accessories to list,
here a few:

front grille guard
wheel trim rings
flying lady hood ornament
cat's eye cigarette lighter
electric clock
deluxe 6 tube radio
deluxe heater and shutoff valve

Jim Deal is the proud owner of this gorgeous black 1950 Chevy Bel Air.
After a two and half year restoration, it's almost complete.
Beautiful car, Jim!

Les Edwards recently purchased this 1941 Chevrolet Special DeLuxe Cabriolet. He discovered the car while playing golf near his home in Illinois.The previous owner had five 1941's!
As you can see, this wonderful convertible has all the optional accessories and is in very good condition!
You can contact Les at:
[email protected]

Check out Dwayne Porter's recently acquired 1951 Chevrolet Fleetline DeLuxe!
Dwayne is a veteran hobby restorer and in addition to the 1951 Chevy
has a 1932 Pontiac sport coupe and a 1956 Ford Victoria.
Nice car, Dwayne!
You can contact Dwayne at:
[email protected]

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