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More Classic Chevrolets

This very rare truck is a 1941 Chevrolet C8 equipped with a Canadian built half ton frame with military bodywork.
The rear canvas and frame lift off to make a tent for the radio operator.
Most were sent to North Africa, so the wheels have adapters
to fit 900x13 sand tires.
Very cool!
Contact Paul in England...
[email protected]

Bruce recently purchased this 1941 Master Deluxe with 54,000 original miles. EVERYTHING is original!!  He lives in Mesa AZ, home of the rust free automobile.
Beautiful car, Bruce!
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Take a look at Steve's 1941 Chevy Cabriolet.
It was restored about 24 years ago in Colorado,
and everything is correct and meticulous...Flying lady,
all guards on bumpers,original fog lamps, etc.
It is painted black (Imron paint) with a new
red leather interior, black top and wood grained dash.
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Check out Fred's Chevrolets!
The 1955 BelAir 2 Door Sedan was purchased in Salina, Kansas and had 12,000 original miles. The car has original paint, chrome and interior.
The 1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Coupe has new paint, interior, chrome, 235 motor, fully synchronized tranny and a highway rear-end.
Very nice, Fred!!!
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Check out these updated photos of Tony & Laura's exquisite 1941 Fleetline... WOW!!!
They have owned the Fleetline for several years and did a complete
restoration of the vehicle.
It’s not a frame off, but as close to it as possible…all original with the exception of the “rear gravel guards”.
They are the 3rd owners of the car. It originally came from Iowa to California about 3 years ago.
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Bob bought this car at the New York Automobile Show over 20 years ago and
has been working on the various systems over time.
The top is power operated and accessories include:
Banjo Steering Wheel, Back-up Light, and
Windshield Washer.
A VERY nice 1940 Chevrolet Cabriolet!!!!
[email protected]

Take a look at this very cool 1941 Chevrolet Police Car!
Equipped with the original 6V system and a separate 12V one
for the siren, PA system and red lights.
A 10 gallon Nascar type fuel-cell has been installed to replace the
rusted out gas tank, otherwise it is stock.  Original dash with lights, siren, etc. controls mounted under dash just like a regular police car of that era....
Police car seats and other interior trim is new with all original glass
and a full roll-bar in rear with handcuffs.
[email protected]

Here are before and after photos of Scott's 1948 Chevrolet Convertible.
Scott purchased it at age 17 in 1975 in L.A. and drove it 500 miles north.
He restored and painted this beautiful convertible.
A true Chevrolet Classic!
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