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Check out Gerry's 1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe 4 Door Sedan, which was purchased in June 1999 from the grandson of its original owner.
The car was manufactured in April 1940 at the plant in Oakland, CA.
The owner had been ill for many years and had the car parked in his backyard in Glendale, AZ.  He asked his Grandson to sell it for him.
Gerry was the fifth person to look at it. The other four all wanted it for a street rod project, but the grandson had promised his Grandpa that he would only sell the car to someone who would restore it.
The car was complete, nothing was missing.  It was covered with blackwidow spiders, but it was like it was frozen in time.  Grandpa had started to work on the car back in the 1970's, so the car included boxes of new (old) rubber, headliner, interior trim pieces.
The car had 39,400 miles on it, but sixty years in the Arizona sun had done much damage to the original black paint.  This car came with the flying lady hood ornament, under seat front and rear heater and all the trim.
After much time, effort and help from friends, it is now complete, and Gerry just finishedthe interior.
A very nice 1940 Chevrolet in Ruby Maroon!
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Ken, in Australia, just bought this 1941 Chevrolet 4 Door Sedan.
 In great, all original condition, it is an ex movie car from a series they had there years ago called The Sullivans (about a war time family).
A very interesting Chevrolet, it has a rear split window, 'suicide' doors in the back, right hand drive and other features a bit different from American built cars.
Another nice Chevrolet!
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Ray is the proud owner of this beautiful 1941 Chevrolet Special DeLuxe,
which he purchased in 1971.
The car came from Kansas, sold by a friend in Illinois for the original owner.  This car must have spent its early life on Kansas dirt roads considering the amount of red clay removed from its under carriage (and fuel filter bowl).
Ray has replaced the master cylinder, wheel cylinders and exhaust system.  Outside of these replacement parts, the car is original.  It even has the original black enamel paint.  The paint finish is far from perfect, but as you can see, it still shines up very nice.  Ray recently gave the car a Meguiars clay bar treatment and would recommend it for any old paint job.
The interior, while not perfect, is in good condition. It had seat covers, which kept the seat upholstery in very good shape.  The original front floor covering was in pieces so the front floor was covered with indoor-outdoor carpeting.  The rear floor carpeting is in very good shape but has also been covered with indoor-outdoor carpeting.  The trunk's floor covering was also in pieces so it also got the carpet treatment after a coating of Rustoleum black hammered finish.
The car did not come with many options.  It does have a heater and cat's eye cigarette lighter, but no radio.  It had an aftermarket Carter fuel pump with a glass bowl filter.  Attempting to remove and clean the fuel filter resulted in breaking the glass bowl.  Ray is looking for a replacement glass bowl and will re-install the Carter fuel pump because it has a superior stone filter element.
 It is currently fitted with an original AC fuel pump replacement.
Nice car, Ray!!!
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