1941 Master DeLuxe Standard Features

EXTERIOR                                             MASTER DELUXE
Bumper guards, front & rear Yes (except rear of Station Wagon)
Body sill moulding (Stainless Steel) Yes
Hood louver moulding (Stainless Steel) Yes
Hood louver covers (Stainless Steel) No
Body belt moulding (Stainless Steel) Yes
Body crease moulding (Stainless Steel) None
Windshield trim moulding (Stainless) None
Side window reveals (Stainless Steel) None
Rear window trim moulding (Stainless) None
Rear license decorative plate None
Front license plate guard Yes
Rear quarter window
        -Sport Sedan Permanent glass
        -5 Passenger Coupe Permanent glass
        -Business Coupe Permanent glass
Window glass Hi-Test Safety Plate used for all flat glass.
Safety solid plate for curved rear window.
Windshield wipers 2
Rear fender gravel guards 2
Sun shades 1
Ash receiver on instrument panel None
Cigarette lighter on instrument panel None
Clock on instrument panel None
Glove compartment light None
Monogrammed shield on dash None
Glove compartment trim (Chromium) None
Instrument cluster trim None
Radio grille lower panel (Chromium) None
Choke and throttle panel (light plastic) None
Instrument panel control knobs Dark brown plastic with control letters depressed in knobs
Instrument panel finish Entire panel is Aztec Brown
Body interior hardware knobs Dark brown plastic
Body interior hardware escutcheons Dark brown plastic
Steering wheel Y spoke with horn button
Front seat arm rests None
Robe cords 1 in Sport Sedan
Assist straps None
Rear seat ash receiver None
Dome light Rectangulr frame with switch at pillar
Coat hooks 2 (except Sedan Delivery)
Door sill plates  Painted
Automatic dome light switch None
Front floor mat Black rubber
Rear passenger compartment floor covering
        -Sport Sedan & Town Sedan Lower quality than Special DeLuxe
        -5 Passenger Coupe Carpet same as Special DeLuxe floor mat inserts
Front luggage compartment floor covering
        -Business Coupe Black rubber
Rear luggage compartment floor covering
        -5 Passenger Coupe Black rubber mat on floor and painted shelf
Trunk floor covering
        -Sport Sedan & Town Sedan Black rubber
Rear view mirror interior (except Sedan Delivery)
Front and rear seat trim None
Body interior side decorations Two toned wood grained garnish mouldings with light colored painted stripe in the center. 
Running horizontal the entire width of the door are two sewed beadings.
Upholstery material Lesser quality Canda cloth than Special Deluxe

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