The 1941 Chevrolet was totally redesigned from the previous model year, resulting in one of the best looking low priced cars ever to grace the American roads.

The new car used a 116 inch wheelbase, featuring an all steel, welded construction body. The headlights and parking lights were set flush into the fenders. The running boards and door hinges were now concealed and the front seat was 3 inches wider than the 1940 models.

The Master DeLuxe was the low price series and the Special DeLuxe the high price series. The Fleetline 4-door sedan was introduced midyear and was part of the Special DeLuxe line.

The 1941 had many mechanical improvements. The 216.5 cubic inch engine's horsepower was increased to 90 at 3300 RPM and was now known as the "Victory Six". The water pump, rocker arms, points, and valve spacing were changed, as well.

Model year production was a record 1,021,371.
The Special DeLuxe series totaled 602,327
and the Master DeLuxe series 419,044

These Chevy ads are from various magazines of the time period.
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1941 Chevrolet ad1941 Chevrolet Ad1941 Chevrolet ad
1941 Chevrolet ad

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